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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Word Work - Post #4 of many :)

Writing is so important but it can be boring if it is done just on paper.
Here are some ideas on writing:
Use shaving cream, pudding, sand and write with fingers, Qtips, paint brushes, etc. This is not meant to replace paper and pencil but to add some excitement to learning! I am not doing this every day, but I add fun "things" and learning opportunities whenever  I can.
Kids love it when you mix it up a little!
For practicing CVC words I use lots of things (see previous posts). When using the white boards, kids would sometimes write really big letters. As they learned and practiced more, I wanted them to have the opportunity to write on lined paper. Well, I laminated lined paper (on construction paper) and had the kids use CVC picture cards and dry erase markers.
This was just a twist on paper and pencil and a step up from white boards since they had a guideline for letter size.

The more ideas we use and the more interesting we make learning, the more kids will pay attention and stay focused on task.
Visit again soon. I have LOTS more ideas to share with you!
 It is exciting to check the stats and see how many of you read my blog and all the different places around the world you are from. Isn't technology amazing?
Thank you so much for visiting my blog!
Have a wonderful week! :-)

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