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Monday, March 17, 2014

Dr. Seuss

We had so much fun celebrating Dr. Seuss!
We read LOTS  of books, enjoyed making projects and some yummy snacks.
Here are some of our projects:
We made “The Cat in the Hat” and also wrote rhyming words and colored the hat. CLICK on the pics for a better/larger view and clear details!

We talked about patterns (AB in the hat: red – white) and how rhyming words always end the same.
Kids also made "The Cat in the Hat" masks using paper plates, construction paper and markers.
We made THE HAT out of bananas and strawberries. Children sliced the fruit and use toothpicks to "assemble the hat". Yummy!
Each year, kids LOVE making green eggs and ham. They especially enjoy cracking the eggs and mixing them using food coloring. Before making green eggs and ham, we predicted whether we would like it or not. MANY kids were sure they would absolutely dislike them. Well,  ALL the kids liked the green eggs and ham. This is what lead to everybody liking green eggs and ham: reading the book ahead of time, talking about how we don’t know if we like a food unless we give it a try and take a bite, and being directly involved in making it!

I really enjoy taking pics of my students while doing projects. Families appreciate seeing the finished products/projects BUT they LOVE seeing their children in the process of making those projects. Many times, I attach these pics. to the projects when I display them in the hallway and always send them home together with the projects. This also helps families initiate conversations and avoid the dreaded: Parent: “What did you do at school?........... Child: “Nothing!”.

Oh yeah, I forgot: you might wonder why I have “Visit my blog for teaching ideas”  and my blog url on all my pics since you are -  obviously  - visiting my blog right now. Well, I attach that info to each picture because I use all my pics on pinterest! Thought I’d explain, in case you were wondering……
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