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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Word Work - Post #1 of many :)

In Kindergarten, we work on decoding words, segmenting, blending, reading, writing, counting syllables, etc.
We focus on both real and nonsense words. We start with easy CVC words and move on to more difficult words including blends, digraphs, silent e, and sight words.
Nonsense words are sometimes difficult to read because children tend to make sense of them and make them "real words". The more exposure the children have, the better they will understand these words. We always talk about how nonsense words don't make sense but we can still read and write them.
This is one activity I created to further help my students segment and blend nonsense words.

 I created this page with beginning and ending consonants and with a blank for the middle vowel. Students roll a vowel die and write the letter as the middle letter in the word. Students use a dry erase marker and write the whole word. Most of the time, they end up with nonsense words. They also sound out/segment and blend each word.
I laminated these for durability and continued usage over the years.

To add to this activity, I sometimes give kids a piece of paper to sort out real and nonsense words that they ended up with. My advanced readers and writers and/or early finishers may also use the real words (if any) in complete sentences. 
LOTS more ideas to be posted soon!!
Hope you visit again :-)

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