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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Word Work - Post #2 of many :)

We learn CVC words through many hands-on activities. We start early in the year after we've learned all the letter names and we are focusing on letter sounds.

What do we use?
We use LOTS of different ideas and materials: from white boards and dry erase markers, to picture cards, letter tiles, magnetic letters, activities on the Promethean, CVC picture and/or words cards.

Here is one idea for creating new words while switching the beginning letter/letter sound. I use a regular white board during Calendar or use the Promethean and write the word ending. I ask the students to say it.
For example: “Say “ake”!” I then say: “Put a “b” in front. What is the word now?”
Students: “BAKE”
“Put a “sh” in front. What is the word now?”
Students: “SHAKE!”, etc, etc.
This is a great way to quickly make many new words. We re-read them all, segment and blend them. I sometimes ask students to use a specific word in a complete sentence and/or to define a word. For example, we added "z" in front of "est" thus making the word ZEST. We talked about what it means!

Kids love using hands-on materials such as magnetic letters. I have sets of picture cards that they use to build CVC words.

Another great tool to use is my (click on the title to go directly to the product page):
 CVC Words - Real and Nonsense Words"
This has  CVC real and nonsense words on month related backgrounds such as apples for September, pumpkins and leaves for October, etc.
Here is the page for October:
Here is the page for March:

Here is the page for April:

It also has the same CVC words with pictures. 
Here is another page:
This set had 162 cards total (with real words used twice on different backgrounds and with relevant clipart) and is the perfect tool to add to your teaching strategies for Phonics and Phonemic Awareness. This CVC words set may be used as part of whole class instruction, Reading Center, Writing Center, Partner Work, Guided Writing, Literacy Workshop, Parent Helper Study, etc. Kids can match words, trace words, segment, blend CVC words, use them in sentences, learn beginning, middle and ending sounds, and so much more.
LOTS more ideas to be posted soon!!
Hope you visit again :-)

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