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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Spring projects - Post # 4

Here is another fun Spring project.

Over the years, I had my students make various versions of this project. 
This year we used: coffee filters, construction paper, traced leaves and petals, pom-poms, sun flower seeds, glue, large pieces of construction paper for the background and Easter grass (the kind you put in Easter baskets). In the past, we've used brown yarn for roots and real dirt/soil.
Coffee filters
Children colored the coffee filters with markers.
They sprayed some for a tie-dye effect and fringed them after they were dry. They sure turned out pretty!

Here they are….drying up before being displayed on the bulletin board!
Each year, we plant flowers for Mother's Day. I buy the $1.00 tin cans from Target and soil. The tin little pots come in beautiful patterns and can be found year round.
Kids LOVE planting flowers and taking turns watering them each day.
We learn about plants, what they need in order to grow. We read lots of books and use Idea Webs as well as KWL charts.

Rhyming Caterpillars
Another idea is to make rhyming caterpillars. It is fun for the children and it incorporates academic concepts, as well.

Check out my previous posts and come back soon for more ideas and pictures!
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