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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Spring projects - Post # 4

Here is another fun Spring project.

Over the years, I had my students make various versions of this project. 
This year we used: coffee filters, construction paper, traced leaves and petals, pom-poms, sun flower seeds, glue, large pieces of construction paper for the background and Easter grass (the kind you put in Easter baskets). In the past, we've used brown yarn for roots and real dirt/soil.
Coffee filters
Children colored the coffee filters with markers.
They sprayed some for a tie-dye effect and fringed them after they were dry. They sure turned out pretty!

Here they are….drying up before being displayed on the bulletin board!
Each year, we plant flowers for Mother's Day. I buy the $1.00 tin cans from Target and soil. The tin little pots come in beautiful patterns and can be found year round.
Kids LOVE planting flowers and taking turns watering them each day.
We learn about plants, what they need in order to grow. We read lots of books and use Idea Webs as well as KWL charts.

Rhyming Caterpillars
Another idea is to make rhyming caterpillars. It is fun for the children and it incorporates academic concepts, as well.

Check out my previous posts and come back soon for more ideas and pictures!
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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Easter Projects Post # 2

Easter is only one week away!
Each year, I put sight words and sentences in plastic eggs and have the kids go on an Easter egg hunt on the playground. When we come back in, kids have to read the words/sentences to an adult.
Children also read them to a partner, write them and use the words/sentences in journals. Kids get an Easter treat for all their hard work. This way, it's not all about the sugar. They have a blast and still work on academics!
Easter Chicks
We also have lots of fun making Easter projects.
Last week, kids made a cute Easter chick project. For this, we used paper plates,  markers, construction paper, glue, brads and feathers.
I gave each child a paper plate and told them that these are pretend eggs that they can color however they choose to. They did such a nice job coloring them and creating pretty patterns and designs!
We talked about Easter chicks hatching and cracking the eggs. We cut the paper plates and added brads.
They cut out chicks out of construction paper and added feathers.
They turned out very cute!
Easter Eggs
Another project was making mozaic Easter eggs out of construction paper. We made similar projects for Valentine's, Halloween, and Christmas. Ripping the paper into small pieces is great for small motor development.
I traced eggs on white construction paper then gave children lots of colorful construction paper pieces to choose from.

I hope you like these. Check out my other Easter project post for a very cute Easter bunny headband.
Here is a great Easter decodable focused on sight words and pronouns. Kids will LOVE reading it! It provides excellent reading practice and the opportunity to understand the correct use of pronouns in context.
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• Beginning / medial / ending letter sounds. Picture task cards.
• Digraphs: “sh”, “th”, “ch”, "ph", “wh”. Posters for each digraph. Interactive activities for each digraph. Students use picture cards, name the picture and use the correct digraph to finish writing words. 
• ABC order. Students use picture/words puzzles and place words in ABC order. Students also use differentiated interactive activities where they place pictures and words in ABC order.
• Sorting nouns.
• Sorting picture cards by number of syllables.
• Number words 1 – 20.
• Graphic organizers for: “Plants”, “Bees”, “Leaves”, “Stems”, “Roots”.
• KWL graphic organizer for plants.
• 5 Senses graphic organizer for edible plants.
• Venn Diagrams, compare and contrast Spring vs. all other seasons.
• Punctuation: cutting and pasting sentences based on correct end marks: period, question mark, exclamation mark/point.
Math Activities:
• Telling Time to the hour and half hour.
• Tally marks for numbers 1 – 20.
• Patterns.
• Number puzzles 1 – 10: matching number of objects with the correct number word, equations and ten frame.
• Missing Numbers.
• Addition. Students solve addition equations using single digit numbers and adding by 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.
• Counting and using “fewer” and “more” as criteria for sorting.
• Comparing Numbers: less than, equal to, greater than.

Sunday, March 1, 2015


Graphing is so much fun!
It can be done cross-curricular, with any topic, and easily incorporated during instruction.
Here are just a few examples of graphing in my own classroom.
My students made apple sauce. We sliced apples, chopped them, added brown sugar, spices and cooked on a hot plate.
Before cooking the apple sauce, we tasted red, yellow and green apples. This was a great reason for graphing!
Students wrote their names on sticky notes and placed them next to their favorite type of apple. Simple and fun. We counted, talked about and compared the numbers, used"greater than" and "less than" and took turns explaining why we liked a certain type of apple better than the others.

Check out all the graphing in my classroom!
Gender Graph
We graphed how many boys and girls we have in class. I used clipart and made boy/girl picture cards which students colored before adding them to the graph.
Pets Graph
First, I asked all students what type of pets they have. Believe it or not, this year I have a student with an alligator for a pet. Family confirmed, no lies here!
Anyway, I created pet categories and students wrote their name on a sticky note and placed it under the right  pet category.
Siblings Venn Diagram
We used a Venn Diagram to graph siblings: brother/sister/both/none.
Height Graph
We measured our height using yarn and then graphed it. It was fun to see the height difference. I also took my students' pics and attached them to the yarn thus giving kids the chance to easily see how tall each friend is.
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Monday, February 23, 2015

Writing - Dry Erase Boards!

We use dry erase boards for practicing proper letter formation, correct spelling of learned sight words, mathematical skills, patterning, practicing proper usage of end marks - punctuation.
Here is one way we use the dry erase boards!
I have students use CVC picture cards. They have to name the picture and use the word in a correct sentence. Children know that the expectation is to spell all sight words correctly and "sound out" the harder words.
Children really love this and they build self confidence as writers and readers.
I am really proud of them!

Help your students master letter names and letter sounds, read and write!
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