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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Halloween - Math and literacy Interactive Activities!

Halloween is just around the corner!
Let's keep learning fun and engaging while teaching important academic skills. All the activities seen here are part of ONE product!

Halloween - Math and Literacy Interactive Activities. CCS Aligned

Mathematical Skills
Addition, ten frame numbers, ten base numbers, graphing, tally marks, missing numbers.
Literacy Skills
Reading, writing, segmenting and blending CVC words, rhyming, beginning/medial and ending letter sounds.
Here are some fun, engaging and interactive learning activities, all CCS aligned.
Students work on addition and addition with missing addend. They practice small motor skills by cutting and gluing the pieces and by coloring. The notebook paper (background paper) looks brown at times (it is not, it is perfectly white :-), depending on how the sunlight hits it. It is a very sunny day today!

Students also work on correctly identifying ten frame numbers and ten base numbers!

Students have fun graphing different types of candy, using graphs to answer questions, counting and sorting by size.

ELA - Literacy
Students work on rhyming. They can either write or draw a rhyming word/picture.

Students work on beginning letter sounds. They name the picture and come up with at least two more words/pictures that starts with the same beginning letter sound.

Another important skill students work on is segmenting and blending CVC words. They segment and blend the CVC word given and draw a matching picture.

Students use a vowel cube and roll a vowel. They fill in the missing medial letter and write down both real and nonsense words.

Students name the picture, focus on the ending letter/letter sound, write it and come up with at least two more words ending in the same letter/letter sound.

All these can be assembled as an interactive notebook. What a fun way for children to share learning with their families!