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Monday, December 22, 2014

Snowmen - Post # 2 of many!

I just love this snowman project!
The snowmen are happy and enjoying the snowfall!
We read "Snowmen at Night" and the children had a lot of fun creating these snowmen.
We talked about fiction vs. nonfiction based on the book we read, why we can't see the snowmen's eyes, how they look upward and loving the snow falling down!
I gave each child a piece of black construction paper and made available lots of colorful pieces of construction paper.
The kids thought it was funny how the snowmen's noses are "hanging in the air!" and they had fun walking "like the snowmen with their noses pointing to the ceiling!" It takes so little for five and six year olds to have fun, doesn't it?
 Children made patterns on the snowmen's scarves using two different colors of construction paper. They used black markers to draw the smiles1
 For the snowflakes, my students used white paint and made "fingerprint snowflakes" around the snowman!
Check out my newest product focused on ELA/Literacy and Math concepts. These task cards that I created are all CCSS aligned and offer a fun and interactive way to practice and review important academic concepts.

★Winter Literacy and Math Task Cards. CCS Aligned★
This Winter themed product addresses many Common Core Standards  for both ELA and Math. Students work on important academic concepts such as: beginning letter sounds, rhyming, syllables in words, reading, writing, punctuation/end marks, correcting sentences, segmenting & blending, sight words, comprehension, counting, writing numbers, sorting, subtraction, number partners, word problems for both addition and subtraction.

“Winter Literacy & Math Task Cards. CCS Aligned.” is very useful for whole group instruction, one-on-one, or small group. Also very beneficial for ESL, ELL, Speech, SPED students and homeschoolers.
Winter Writing and Patterning Fun! CCS Aligned
These interactive and engaging activities are a great addition to your Winter Literacy & Math centers / workshop. Activities can be used as Morning Work or part of the Literacy/ Math centers.
Students work on: improving vocabulary, use their schemata when describing winter related pictures, patterning, improving reading and writing skills, segmenting and blending CVC and CCVC / CVCC words, proper conventions of writing.
Are you looking for a fun, engaging emergent reader that also teaches pronouns? How about a winter themed emergent reader?
Check this one out:

Winter – Emergent Reader. CCS Aligned

Students practice reading, tracking words, identifying sight words, rhyming, and learning the pronouns he, she, it, we, they.
Students may color each page and add this useful emergent reader to their book collection.
It is important for students to practice reading predictable texts with a familiar pattern. Students feel confident in their abilities as they improve and acquire important academic skills.
Students have the opportunity to understand the correct use of pronouns in given text.
Students replace nouns with correct pronouns.
Students practice writing rhyming words for given pictures.

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