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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Christmas Post # 2!

Here are more Christmas ideas and projects for your little ones!
Check out my "Christmas Post #1!" for more ideas and projects!
Last week, my students made elves, fingerprint candy canes, and Christmas trees.

For the elves, I traced all the parts except for legs, torso and arms. The kids used large construction paper and cut these freely. They always turn out very, very cute with different length and width legs and arms!
The children used pom poms for the hats and some leftover Christmas decorations (peel and stick type: candy canes, gingerbread figures, Christmas trees, etc) to decorate the elves' shirts. Some children wanted buttons, as well.
This project is a lot of fun and great for small motor development. They have to cut so many pieces, peel and stick decorations, pick sequin, glue everything, etc. In this picture, a child is cutting small strips of yellow paper to decorate the elf's stockings!

For this projects, I cut several pieces of construction paper. I used different lengths and demonstrated how to assemble the trees. The children first sorted the pieces out from the longest to the shortest. They ripped brown construction paper for the tree trunk.

They used glue to make "lights" and designs, a star, which they later covered in glitter. FUN!!!!
They had lots of sequin to decorate their tress, as well.

I gave the kids red and white paint and bows. They used their cute little fingers to create candy canes.
Easy and fun!
Here are some of my Christmas products: from practicing and mastering nonsense words, to LOTS of comprehensive, differentiated and engaging Math and Literacy - ELA activities.
Help your students improve their reading, writing, vocabulary, comprehension skills!

Christmas Literacy and Math Activities Galore. CCS Aligned.

This product (105 pages) is aligned with Common Core Standards and offers many differentiated and interactive learning activities.
Mathematical Concepts Covered
Subtraction, addition (including dice and dominoes addition pages), number words to 20, counting and writing numbers to 100, base ten numbers, missing numbers, before/after numbers, ten frame numbers to 20, tally marks, telling time to the hour and half hour, “fewer” and “more”, fewer than/equal to/greater than, one-to-one correspondence. 
Literacy Concepts Covered
Number words, ABC order, beginning letter sounds, ending letter sounds, proper conventions of writing, writing, reading, Christmas related vocabulary, punctuation, graphic organizers, 5 Senses graphic organizer, compare and contrast using Venn Diagrams, end marks, CVC words, sorting by number of syllables, sight words, correctly reading a Christmas emergent reader and finishing sentences.

 Another great hands-on product, CCS aligned that has lots go task cards in addition to other activities, is:

Christmas. Math & ELA Task Cards...and More! CCS Aligned

Christmas - Writing and Patterning Fun. CCS Aligned

Christmas Writing and Patterning Fun! CCS Aligned
This product is a great addition to your Christmas stations / workshop. It can be used as Morning Work or part of the Literacy/ Math centers.
Students work on: improving vocabulary, reading fluency, use their schemata when describing Christmas related pictures, patterning, improving reading and writing skills. Differentiated approach based on your students’ skill level.

Nonsense Words Activities – Christmas & Winter (supports AIMSweb and DIBELS)

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