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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Guided Writing

Guided Writing - Kindergarten
Each day I use one picture card. We take the time to really look at the picture, details in the picture and we talk about it, as a whole class.  

I dictate the first sentence and the expectation is that children write it first. After they write my sentence, they come up with their own complete sentences about the picture.
I start this in January because that is when my kindergartners are ready for more intensive writing sessions. Before January, students journaled daily and were involved in various daily writing activities  but not as focused and challenging.
We always review the rules we should follow when we write: start with a capital letter, use finger spaces, use an end mark, pay attention to how we write the letters and the sight words learned.

I encourage my kids to use the Word Wall that has our sight words listed.  I also encourage them to sound out more difficult words. I NEVER spell a word for them but guide them to find the correct spelling and or use proper and developmentally appropriate phonetic spelling. We have fun but are really working hard. We talk about how we LIKE to do things and not LIK things. Kids always think that is funny but it gets their attention to the proper spelling of the word “like”, for example. I say something like: “I like my boots!” BUT “I don’t lick my boots!”
Also, at time, I give a word bank with words such as “eyes” or “ice” since I don’t want them to write “iz” or “is”.
We also correct a sentence before starting. I use various sentences each day where I omit  letters, misspell sigh words, don’t use any end mark and I don’t start with a capital letter.
All these steps are necessary and very useful! Children are engaged, they review the rules, brainstorm, refocus on what needs to be done step by step.
I also ask students to share the expectations with another student. For example, I say:
“Turn to a shoulder partner and share 3 important rules to follow when you write!”
“Tell your shoulder partner how you always start a sentence!”
Here are a few examples of my kiddos’ writing! I am VERY proud of them. Now, not all can write several complete sentences but they are all making progress at their own individual pace. Most write independently, some need my guidance through the writing process, and a couple of them need one-on-one guidance while writing.

In addition to the guided writing process described above, I also place individual pictures and invite the children to write independently about the specific picture they get, without having any sentence dictated to them!

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  1. The guided writing is so impressive.....

    1. Thank you so much!
      It is amazing to see the progress especially at the Kindergarten level. I really appreciate you visiting my blog and taking the time to leave a comment. All the best!