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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Earth Day!

Here is a fun project for "Earth Day".
First, we read lots of books about recycling, protecting the Earth; we brainstormed ideas on how to protect the Earth; we used a KWL chart, etc.
This project is fun, hands-on and turns out beautiful.
We used black construction paper, glitter, glue, scissors, paints.
Students painted the planet first, then traced their hands and part of their arms and cut these out of white, peach, light or dark brown construction paper.
Each child used glue to make a starry background for our planet. They sprinkled lots of glitter while the glue was still wet.
They each chose how to position their hand: under, over, at and able, holding the planet.
I love this project and hope you like it, as well!
Give it a try!

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