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Monday, November 10, 2014

Thanksgiving Projects - Post # 1!!!

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time of the year when we express our gratitude for all the wonderful people, experiences and things in our lives.
In Kindergarten, we have lots of fun learning about the First Thanksgiving, pilgrims, Native- Americans, accurate yet age appropriate historical information about dwellings, types of food, crops, daily life and activities that people experienced.
Here are some of our projects:
Children made cute turkeys using construction paper. This project is great for eye-hand coordination, symmetry, and small motor development. They turned out very cute!

We also made several versions of pilgrims and Native Americans.
For the pilgrims, we used construction paper, paper plates, ribbon, buttons.

We made placemats. We used handprints for turkeys and shapes for patterning. Students had fun drawing the turkeys and creating different patterns.

We made "indian corn" and painted with Q-tips. For the Mayflower we used handprints for the sail and construction paper for the ship itself.

Are you looking for a very comprehensive Thanksgiving product that incorporates Math and Literacy interactive activities that are all CCS aligned?
EVERYTHING YOU NEED FROM: sight words, long vowels, writing prompts, reading, graphic organizers, addition, subtraction, tally marks, word problems, patterns, digraphs, opposites, and more.
Everything shown is included AND SO MUCH MORE!!!
This is quick preview of the Thanksgiving interactive book included. Children learn useful and accurate information while practicing reading, sight words, and improving vocabulary.

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