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Friday, January 31, 2014

Snowmen and penguins – handprint projects

Snowmen and penguins – handprint projects

For these two projects, I painted each child’s hand using white paint. We let them dry overnight.
The following day, children used markers to decorate each finger as a penguin (for one project) and as a snowman (for another project). They turned out so cute!
My kids also used cotton balls for snow!
Yes, I call them “my kids” because I love them dearly BUT I know that they are just my classroom kids for the year!
To add a literacy component, kids wrote about winter and snowmen liking the cold. They also wrote about winter being fun!
We reviewed proper conventions of writing, starting with a capital letter, using finger spaces, ending with an end mark, etc.

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★Winter Literacy and Math Task Cards. CCS Aligned★
This Winter themed product addresses many Common Core Standards  for both ELA and Math. Students work on important academic concepts such as: beginning letter sounds, rhyming, syllables in words, reading, writing, punctuation/end marks, correcting sentences, segmenting & blending, sight words, comprehension, counting, writing numbers, sorting, subtraction, number partners, word problems for both addition and subtraction.

“Winter Literacy & Math Task Cards. CCS Aligned.” is very useful for whole group instruction, one-on-one, or small group. Also very beneficial for ESL, ELL, Speech, SPED students and homeschoolers.
Winter Writing and Patterning Fun! CCS Aligned
These interactive and engaging activities are a great addition to your Winter Literacy & Math centers / workshop. Activities can be used as Morning Work or part of the Literacy/ Math centers.
Students work on: improving vocabulary, use their schemata when describing winter related pictures, patterning, improving reading and writing skills, segmenting and blending CVC and CCVC / CVCC words, proper conventions of writing.

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