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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Math Workshop

Today my kindergartners used a couple of new Math workshop activities focused on subtraction and teen numbers. I love using manipulatives to enhance their learning. The children have a better understanding of what I am teaching when they are actively engaged and have their own learning styles addressed. Most are a combination of visual, kinesthetic and linguistic/auditory learners.
For addition and subtraction, we use lots of unifix cubes, counters, and other manipulatives. Children use manipulatives but also write their equations.
I like using different colors for each set so that kids don't mix up their learning materials.
Teen numbers are still tricky. We analyze and use numbers during Calendar routine, through hands-on activities, through music and songs, through engaging and fun activities on the Promethean and through many other math and cross-curricular related activities. We have been working on teen numbers as groups of 10 plus….. (ex: 14=10+4)
PS: Stars are used to cover kids' faces and names, in order to protect their identities!

I can't wait to share with you some of our Winter related projects! More info and lots of pics to come! Please visit often!

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