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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Spring Projects - post #1 of many :)

I love this time of the year. Winter is over and we are all ready to enjoy SPRING!
In my classroom, we are busy creating beautiful spring related projects in addition to our daily academic routines. I am going to post LOTS of cute ideas and pics, so please visit often or - even better - follow my blog!
Here is our first Spring related project. Children used paints and their thumbprints/fingerprints to create beautiful flowers. They cut the leaves out of green construction paper and used green markers for the stems. I had some foam bugs and had the children add them to their projects. They turned out so beautiful and different just like my kiddos in class!
What do you think?
I LOVE them!
Click on each picture for a clear and much bigger view!

Are you looking for a comprehensive, fun, engaging and interactive Spring product that addresses Common Core Standards in both Math and Literacy?
Here is my product (144 pages). Click on the title to go straight to the product page!

Spring Literacy and Math Activities Galore. CCS Aligned.

This product (144 pages) includes engaging, interactive and differentiated Spring Math and Literacy activities:
Literacy Activities:
• Capital / lower case letters and beginning letter sounds. Students use puzzles to match upper / lower case letters and pictures based on the beginning letter sounds.
• Beginning / medial / ending letter sounds. Picture task cards.
• Digraphs: “sh”, “th”, “ch”, "ph", “wh”. Posters for each digraph. Interactive activities for each digraph. Students use picture cards, name the picture and use the correct digraph to finish writing words. 
• ABC order. Students use picture/words puzzles and place words in ABC order. Students also use differentiated interactive activities where they place pictures and words in ABC order.
• Sorting nouns.
• Sorting picture cards by number of syllables.
• Number words 1 – 20.
• Graphic organizers for: “Plants”, “Bees”, “Leaves”, “Stems”, “Roots”.
• KWL graphic organizer for plants.
• 5 Senses graphic organizer for edible plants.
• Venn Diagrams, compare and contrast Spring vs. all other seasons.
• Punctuation: cutting and pasting sentences based on correct end marks: period, question mark, exclamation mark/point.
Math Activities:
• Telling Time to the hour and half hour.
• Tally marks for numbers 1 – 20.
• Patterns.
• Number puzzles 1 – 10: matching number of objects with the correct number word, equations and ten frame.
• Missing Numbers.
• Addition. Students solve addition equations using single digit numbers and adding by 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.
• Counting and using “fewer” and “more” as criteria for sorting.
• Comparing Numbers: less than, equal to, greater than.

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